Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Crusoe's Climbing

Crusoe likes to climb.


I think he is going to be an adventurer when he is bigger as he certainly likes climbing and clambering over everything now.

We both like climbing the stairs and most days race to get to the top. Sometimes I win (Crusoe gets distracted by the lights on the way), sometimes he wins (usually he has stood on me so I have rightly protested). But other than that, I leave the climbing to him.

Crusoe is actually quite clever (don't tell him I said so) and has worked out that he can climb better if he has 'steps' to help. Sometimes these steps aren't too happy about being used (like my head) but usually he finds something to help. I don't think Mum is too pleased about this as things that can be steps keep disappearing from our room.

The bouncy chair in our room is great!  If you sit on it and rock or jump up and down it moves and it's like one of the rides at the park. The only problem is that it is quite high and neither of us can climb up on our own. One day Crusoe worked out a brilliant way to get up there:

We have a box full of bricks that we like to build with. You might already know that Crusoe is quite good at tidying away, well he is also quite good at emptying. He tipped the box out but wasn't too sure what to do next so threw it to one side. As he did this, it turned upside down. BINGO!!! A step!

I must admit, the next thought he had was quite ingenious. He pushed the 'step' across the room until it was under the chair. Up he climbed on the step and easily on to the chair. YAY!!

Next time we played with the blocks, the box was nowhere to be seen....

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