Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Crusoe and the Dog Door

Sounds ominous already eh!

Crusoe, Mum and I had gone to visit Nana and Meggie the dog. 

We are obviously still quite little and to us Meggie dog is quite big. We were a little unsure about her at first as she is quite wiggly and quite wet too (especially her tongue, which seems an awful lot bigger than ours!) Now we like seeing her and she makes us chuckle as her tail tickles us. 

I just tend to let her come and say hello when she is passing, however Crusoe often wanders off in to the kitchen to see where she is and if she wants to play. Nana says Meggie dog sometimes gets a little bit fed up of us playing and likes to go outside so she has a special door in the back door so that she can go out whenever she likes.

Well on this particular day, I was playing with Mum in the lounge and Crusoe was doing whatever he does when he is not crashing over me. 

Then it went quiet. 

Then a chuckle. 

Mum and Nana got up with surprising speed and hurried toward Crusoe. I toddled along behind as I thought this amount of movement might be worth investigation!

We found Crusoe by Meggie's special door, where he was just sitting looking out - it is see-through so he could see Meggie laying down outside; the reason for his chuckling. He put his hand on the door to steady himself and it moved! I'm not sure who was more surprised, him, or me at his expression! A few tentative pats later and Crusoe has discovered how to make it open completely. A cautious head poked through, saw Meggie and that was it, arms through, body wiggle, wiggle, legs up, bit more wiggling, and he was gone!!! FLAP, FLAP! The door closed! Where had Crusoe gone? 

Mum and Nana were making very funny noises - I think it might have been laughing? Then Mum opened the big door and there was Crusoe, on the step outside looking extremely pleased with himself. 

Mum brought him back in and we both headed back to Meggie's door and to our immense disappointment, discovered Nana had been extremely sneaky and locked it. 

One to remember for our next visit to Nana's....

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