Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Ah Tissues! Bless you!

Tissues are something we love and hate at the same time. Why?

Hate because they mean we need to have our noses wiped! What's wrong with sleeves, hands, each other, people's clothes?

Love because they are so much fun. Here's a little story......

One day, Crusoe and I were happily playing in our room whilst Mum was making us lunch. She was gone for ages and we became a little fed up so Crusoe decided to take a look at what was on the chest of drawers. Now, the chest of drawers is a thing of wonder to us - it has so many exciting uses. We can open the drawers and slam them shut, try to climb on the handles, but best of all, take out all the clothes and throw them around the room. Anyway, that's a story for another day!

On this particular day, there was an inviting box of tissues, tantalisingly perched near the end of the drawers. Crusoe is taller than me so he was nominated to attempt the retrieval. He stood on tiptoes and streeeeeeetched as hard as he could but could only get fingertips on the box. He is undoubtedly very determined and wouldn't give up and eventually nudged the box closer and closer until he managed to knock it to the floor. Exhausted after his exertions, he sat for a while, sucking his fingers and watched my grand plans develop....

At first, I pulled out one tissue and waved it around chuckling as Crusoe followed it with his eyes. We both soon bored of this. Next, followed a few seconds of frantic pulling of tissue after tissue out of the box until I was surrounded by piles of white. I ran out of tissues - end of that game. There must be something more exciting to do I thought to myself and picked up a tissue absentmindedly pulling at one side. RIIIIIIPPPPP! ooooh! Yes!! Let's make tissue snow. Crusoe realised this was a game he had to be part of and we soon made the room look beautiful with tissue snow mounding up around us and fluttering down as we ripped each one.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Here comes Mum up the stairs - she will be so impressed with the beautiful snow we have made. I sat proudly amidst the wintery scene with a smile on my face and waited for her exclamations of delight. She exclaimed. I don't think it was delight though.....

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