Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Friday and the Toybox

Friday is little.

Well she is smaller than me, so that makes her little in my book.

This usually is not a problem, there are plenty of people around to help when she can't reach things, sometimes me, sometimes she just shouts. She is actually very loud when she shouts!

There was one time however, when being little, got Friday in to a spot of bother with the toy box.

Our toy box is currently a brown square basket with handles on both sides. It is fairly solid (although we have made the sides a bit bendy, oops) and has lots of our favourite toys in like stacking cups, balls and Happyland people.

Both Friday and I like carrying the Happyland people around with us as we go about the serious business of playing. One of my favourite games at the moment, is putting things away. I know, I'm such a good boy, aren't I? Well, on this particular occasion, I put away lots of things in the toy box, including a Happyland person that Friday was holding (she didn't protest...much). With things all tidy, I continued crawling around looking for something to cause mischief  play with.

Meanwhile, Friday decided she would like her person back so had crawled over to the toy box. Now, any sensible baby knows that if you want a toy out of the box, you just pull and pull until, crash! the box falls over and everything spills out. Easy! Friday was not a sensible baby that day. She leaned over the top of the box and had a little rummage around. Nope, couldn't find the person. A few cups and balls sailed over my head as I watched her endeavours. A few wiggles later, Friday had leant further over the box and more rummaging sounds came from within. Squeak, moan, wiggle, WAAAHHHHH!! Suddenly, a pair of legs were wiggling like mad over the top of the box, and Friday had disappeared! The legs continued to wiggle and the wahs increased.

I was helpless and could only chuckle at the wiggly legs as I wondered where Friday had gone...

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