Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Friday's Favourite Game

When we wake up in the morning, we usually have to amuse ourselves for a while whilst Mum gets on doing what ever it is she does!

I tend to spend the time throwing Pooh bear (my best friend) out of my cot and then stretching to get him back again, or I like wrestling with my sleeping bag - It is a bit long and I get in all sorts of tangles as I wiggle in the night so I aim to release myself before Mum comes in!

Anyway, enough about me, this was supposed to be about Friday's favourite game.

She, unlike me, tends to keep Monkey (her best friend) in the cot so she can chat (loudly I might add) to him when she wakes up, and is supposedly a 'good girl' for not wrestling her sleeping bag. Hmmm.

Instead, she manages to pull herself up to standing (easier for her, she has a smaller bag) and does this very funny sideways shuffle all the way along the length of her cot, holding on tightly as she goes until she gets to the window. Friday's cot has a much better position than mine in that she can reach things I can't. There is a metal fence which is there for us to pull back and forth very hard so it makes a great banging noise against the radiator! It is really loud and is best when you do it very fast.

However, the thing she can reach that helps with her game, is the curtains. These are shut at night so we can sleep but Friday can reach and pull the end over her cot. She then is really good at pulling the curtain in front of her face and then quickly whisking it away, BOO!! She does it over and over again, chuckling at me which makes me smile and laugh back. It is a great game and she even sometimes does it for Mum when she comes in.

I tried my own version with my bib over my head at lunchtime. Bit messy...

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